The past year saw an epic number of socks collected by one of the most dedicated groups of adults and children imaginable.  Just in the recent several months, we processed and distributed socks to children living in villages as far away as East Africa, to adults and children in shelters in our local San Diego community as well as internationally in coordination with organizations working hard to help the homeless and downtrodden.

A particular success of Sox In A Box this year involved the hard work and creativity of Mr. Evan Papel, whose invention and development of “pocket socks” allows our recipients to not only acquire comfortable and stylish new socks but also ones that have a zippered pocket incorporated into the sock to store the wearer’s wallet, keys, passport, or other valuables.  Of special note, pocket socks are manufactured here in San Diego, California, from recycled plastic water bottles, and hence are environmentally friendly.  Mr. Papel’s very generous donation of a massive number of his pocket socks will go down in our nearly twenty year history as one of the best gifts ever received by our foundation. 

Dani with Evan Papel, founder and CEO of Pocket Socks.

A big shout-out also goes to Mrs. Elizabeth Rabbitt and Maranatha Volunteers International.  Elizabeth very generously hauled a ton of those socks to distant villages in Kenya, East Africa, sponsored by the Maranatha foundation.  Children in those villages often lack appropriate footwear, as well as clean water to wash items such as socks.  We have begun to partner with many similar philanthropic organizations around the world which are trying to create a better life filled with greater opportunity for the children of Africa.


This year we also partnered with several civic and philanthropic organizations to deliver several thousand pairs of new socks collected and packaged for donation to poor and homeless people in San Diego, victims of abuse and violence in our community, as well as refugees housed in shelters on both sides of the international border.  Over two thousand pairs of our socks have been distributed to orphanages and shelters in Baja California by The Border Angels on several occasions in the past few months.  Recently, we contributed over 500 pairs of socks to the YWCA of San Diego County for donation to adults and children in its domestic violence and homelessness programs.  Several hundred pairs of our socks were received by refugees and homeless through the auspices and activities of Jewish Family Services of San Diego.  Importantly, associations and partnerships were established in 2019 with these and other philanthropic and altruistic organizations to help us provide needed clean, comfortable new footwear for those in our community and the broader international community who have a very real need for our socks.  We anticipate that the alliances and liaisons with like-minded associations and charities will persist and further develop in the future.  In this way, we can extend the outreach of Sox In A Box to a wider population of people in need of our help.

This update would be remiss if it failed to recognize and praise the efforts, time, and devotion of the many volunteers whose selfless efforts have enabled Sox In A Box to achieve these remarkable achievements over the past year and, in fact, since the foundation was established nearly twenty years ago.  For in the final analysis, the successes of our charitable foundation are directly attributable to the many hours of sacrifice, hard work, and loving devotion provided by our volunteers.  We are proud of them and they can be proud of themselves.  They are the life-blood of Sox In A Box, which would truly not exist without them.

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