UPDATE – Winter/Spring 2009


One of the important points that we need to get across to the public is that we can only accept NEW pairs of socks that are sent to our organization-not old or used ones. We were distraught to discover that a local church in our area had launched a sock drive over the course of eighteen months that resulted in almost seven thousand pairs of socks being donated to our SOX organization. When the socks arrived, our volunteers opened up the generous bags of socks that the church had sent over, only to discover that most of the socks were old, worn, and dirty. While we felt extremely grateful and thankful for the socks, we cannot, under our organization’s bylaws, forward these socks on because of potential liability and health code violations. We want our supporters to know that the socks were not thrown away, though. They were given to a worthy organization that can accept used socks under their bylaws and can forward them on to the appropriate recipients.

Sox in a Box is pleased to welcome our new executive director, Kaveer Grewal, a graduate of Georgetown University, who will coordinate our efforts to reach more needy and homeless people through increased contact with non-profit charities across the United States. Our Board of Directors has met and has determined that we must increase the number of brochures and mailings to the general public as we continue to receive requests for more information about our charity, as well as offers by the wonderful citizens of various community organizations who have seen our advertisements and want to know how they can help.

From February through May of 2009, Sox In a Box continued our successful “Footprints Across America” campaign by sending socks to rescue and homeless shelters in Oakland, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. College students who wanted to volunteer their services over Spring Break also took our socks to orphanages and schools in Chicago, and to various cities in Missouri that had experienced terrible flooding.

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