UPDATE – Fall 2009/Winter 2010


With Dani Marco, our founder, attending Rice University in Houston, Texas, efforts have been made to step up our Sox efforts in the Midwest portion of the country. The Board of Directors has officially voted their support in favor of start-up Sox In A Box clubs or chapters at various college campuses across America with a Rice University/Houston chapter leading the way. Already, the club has been contacted by various needy organizations including the Afghan Women’s Project and its chapter in Houston that sends thousands of pounds of needed goods in containers by sea to women in need who are persecuted by the Taliban. Our objective will also be to send new pairs of socks to the many homeless people in the Midwest who have been affected by one of the coldest winters in recent history that has affected all parts of the United States.

Finally, our most ambitious project for 2010 will be to connect with several “Shoe” charities that provide brand new shoes to people in need, and see if we can partner with them to send our socks with their shoes in joint shipments.

Again, our wish for 2010 is to work with other charities in the quest to end world hunger, and to provide even the poorest people with the most basic of necessities including pairs of new socks. We will continue to write to needy people around the world, sending messages of hope and inspiration. We ask all of our readers to join us in praying for world peace, joy, kindness, and tolerance of all cultures. These remain our great dreams and prayers for the coming year!

Best wishes to all our supporters, contributors, and donors!

The SOX IN A BOX teams of volunteers

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